We design programs and strategies that are achievable and grounded in best practice.

  • Program logics & theories of change

  • Strategies that achieve your purpose and objectives

  • Consensus building

  • Write program designs

We create M & E systems
that generate meaningful information and intelligence.

  • M & E system design 

  • Evaluations and research studies

  • Gender-sensitive, inclusive

  • M & E capacity development

We'll promote your achievements with content that engages, informs and cuts through the noise.

  • Report writing and editing

  • Infographics and data journalism

  • Human interest stories

  • Content strategy

  • Graphic design


Program Design

We create high impact programs that work for women as well as men 


Good program design is foundational. It’s the best way to ensure your program has a positive and lasting social impact. We’ll help you identify and clarify your intended outcomes, then develop a strategy that will help you get there.


We’ll work with you to create a design or strategy to suit your aims, resources and the cultural context. Whether it’s a multi-national program or local project, we can unite stakeholders, forge consensus and generate the buy in that drive you toward your objectives.

What we do: 

  • Facilitate you and your stakeholders to develop clear and realistic program logics and theories of change

  • Help you identify strategies that will achieve your
    intended purpose

  • Identify risks and ways to manage them

  • Design appropriate governance and management arrangements

  • Write program designs

  • Review others’ designs


and Evaluation

I'm a title.

Good evaluation means good decisions. Our methods produce the evidence and intelligence necessary to create world-class social change programs.


We recognise every program is unique. That’s why we develop measures and methods that are appropriate, inclusive and meaningful for the people that will use them, in the context they will use them. This means building consensus on what success looks like, before designing an M & E framework that’s results-driven and realistic. 


But monitoring and evaluation isn't just about data. It’s about pausing, reflecting, and learning from what we’re doing right and wrong.

Good M & E sharpens your organisation’s focus and creates a culture of continual improvement. We believe in empowering your organisation by building capacity through training and mentoring your personnel. 

Our M & E toolbox includes:


  • mixed methods

  • action research

  • appreciative inquiry and other strengths based approaches

  • developmental evaluation

  • case study evaluation

  • most significant change

  • outcome mapping

  • realist evaluation

  • experimental and non-experimental design

  • economic assessments

  • and many more…


Engage and inform

your stakeholders 

Promote your achievements with content that connects with audiences. 

We use words, data and visuals to create engaging narratives about social change. Whether it’s a report, infographic, case study or article, our work is always highly engaging and meticulously produced.


Our experienced team of journalists, report writers, editors and designers works closely with M & E experts. The result is high-quality content that tells your story with integrity.


Ultimately, social change is about improving people's lives. We'll help you tell the human side of the story.

"Cardno engaged Bluebird Consultants to peer review and edit the annual report for the Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons Program (AAPTIP). The outcome was a concise, accessible and polished end product that was produced within a very short period of time. Bluebird Consulting were excellent to work with, accessible on short notice and across time zones, and were able to articulate the achievements of the program effectively for the target audience."

Eliza Hovey

Consultant​, Cardno

 We provide: 

  • report writing, editing and review services

  • data visualisation

  • commercial journalism

  • video and photography

  • layout and design

  • content strategy


About us

Bluebird was founded in 2007 by Jess Kenway, an award-winning
M & E specialist with over 16 years’ experience. She leads a talented and knowledgeable team of designers, evaluators and content producers who have worked across Australia, South Asia, Africa, PNG and South East Asia.


Bluebird holds a Standing Offer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

We have experience in the following areas:

  • women's leadership and women’s economic empowerment

  • humanitarian assistance

  • aid for trade

  • community development and democratic governance

  • climate change

  • education

  • law and justice

  • health

  • governance

  • rural development and natural resource management

  • financial literacy


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